Fibre Optic Internet

Ethernet on Fibre offers an extremely high speed service that is both cost effective and easily scalable.  It delivers up to 10Gbit/s of guaranteed, symmetric IP throughput with 1:1 contention and 99.95%+ network availability.  This flexible layer 2, point-to-multi-point or point-to-point leased line is the core staple of today’s Internet technology.  It's a widely available, standard technology which can be incorporated into most LANs.  Ethernet on Fibre is a ubiquitous technology with the major benefit of being universally understood and available.

In the emerging world of converged voice, data and video technology, a leased line solution is the ideal foundation for your business to migrate to a single delivery IP network.

Rapidcom's leased line services provide a permanent connection for businesses with mission-critical applications that demand guaranteed bandwidth performance to support voice, data, video and Internet applications.  Leased line technology delivers high quality of service and offers flexible and scalable speeds.  These premium technologies supply multi-site businesses with a reliable connection and greater availability than many other WAN solutions.

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Fibre Internet

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